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Winner at Lorient 2022

Workshop with ZOOM

Hi All

I hope this finds you well in these uncertain and challenging times.

I have recently been instructing groups of 5 to 10 people via ZOOM and it works very well. I was sceptical at first of this idea but I have to say that it really is almost as good as lessons around the table in the classroom!

How it works:

You download Zoom for free from

I arrange a meeting date and time and send you the link in an email along with the sheet music for that particular lesson.

You go online and click the link in the email a few minutes before the lesson is about to start and we are ready to go.

During the lesson I will explain and demonstrate the exercise or tune phrase or whatever the subject of this lesson is. With the mute facility that I can activate, everyone can play together along with me on a count in as normal. At this point you will only hear me to play along with and not the other pipers.

I will then ask everyone individually to play something and suggest improvement ideas and correct any mistakes as usual.

It’s also fun to meet old and new friends from around the world and learn from each other.


The lesson will be for 1hour and I am asking for £15 GBP per person payable via PayPal.

I am as always still giving private one to one lessons however the group system is proving very popular as a much less expensive alternative and is an affordable way of getting more regular lessons.

With many Highland Games, Schools, Workshop, Band Clinics and Band Practises being cancelled or postponed I feel that it is important that we continue to practise and don’t loose interest because for now the social aspects of piping and drumming is not possible.


If you are interested in joining a group then please email me with your details, your country and time zone, list the most convenient days and times for a lesson and the level at which you currently play.

Levels 1
Practise Chanter (and pipes but not necessary)
Basic Embellishments and possibly a few small tunes

Level 2
Practise Chanter (and pipes but not necessary)
Can make a good effort of tunes like 'The Green Hills of Tyrol' and 'Scotland the Brave'

Level 3
Practise Chanter and Pipes
6/8 Marches, possibly Strathspey, Reel,
possibly competition style MSR, H+J

When I receive your email I will send you information of the forthcoming subjects and dates.

The next Lesson will be on Monday 27th April at 1800hrs UK time. The subject will be Embellishment improvement exercises and constructive practise. You will also by the end have learned a nice Irish jig or two!!

I will repeat this lesson later next week for those who can’t make Monday and oversubscription.

Please feel free to share this information with your fellow band members or anyone you think may be interested.

Best wishes, good piping and I look forward to hearing from you.


Professional Development Award
Scottish Bagpipes
SCQF Level 8

Approved SQA Examiner

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